Friday, July 12, 2013

New Classroom Transition

So I have moved and am getting settled into my new home and the area.  I have also completed half of my Masters program this summer which is something small to celebrate!  I am glad for a semester break to get a good grasp on my new teaching position and hope to pick up another few classes in the spring/summer semesters.  And although school is still about a month away, I am itching to organize my new classroom and prepare for the transition into my new job.  It will be quite the change going from K-12 to just drawing and painting for the high school level.  The school and town are much larger than what I am used to...I am very excited and a tad nervous right now about how things will go!
I will be teaching Fundamental Drawing/Painting, Advanced Drawing/Painting, and an AP 2-D Studio class.  I will also be working with several other art teachers in the department which is vastly different from working in an art department by myself!  In my 4th year as a teacher, this is exciting because I know that I can learn and grow from those in my department and have their support through challenges and frustrations.

I am excited to get started!  Does anyone have any ideas, advice, suggestions for me?

My goal is to keep updates on my journey and transition to reflect upon my growth as a teacher and person.  Looking ahead to many great things I hope!