Thursday, May 19, 2011

High School Weavings

My high school students took on self-portraits using a grid.  They used basic shading skills and built upon them by using pencil and matching the values in the photos I took of them.  I knew that my kids might be a little sensitive about their work, so I decided to combine this project with something else. 
I then had my students choose a superhero (some chose a villain) and they drew this using a grid method as well.  I had them use colored pencil on this one to create some contrast.

We then cut them up...oh my some of my students were not too happy about this!  One of the drawings they cut in 2 inch vertical strips, the other drawing in 2 inch horizontal strips.  They then wove them together, figuring out which part they wanted to show and which parts they wanted to hide. 

I like this idea and like that it can be changed to be a million things!  Limitless subjects and mediums can be combined to create a variety of different looks. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

JH Complementary Paintings

I got this idea from a JH/HS art teacher in my league at our league shows.  These pieces he did with his students stood out to me at the art shows, and my kids that went with me loved them as well.  I love this idea because it is something different, and yet it can be altered and changed to encompass a lot of variety.

My JH students created one painting of a reptile or insect and another painting of a plant/flower/leaf.  We reviewed complimentary colors and did tints and shades of those colors.  One painting would be one color with different shades of that color, the other painting would be the complementary color with different shades of that color.
After the paintings were dry, I gave students the option to add small details with black sharpie.

Then, students cut their paintings up and put them back together in an AB pattern.

Lizard and Cactus

Grasshopper and flower

Dragonfly and Leaf

Some kind of lizard and Rose

Turtle and Sideways Cactus

I like this idea because you can use any combination of paint, colored pencil, or pencil, etc. with any variety of subject matter.  I think an important factor to consider though is 2 subjects that compliment each other, and mediums that allow for contrast.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Elementary Art Show

A few nights ago, I had an elementary/junior high art show open to the public.  Overall it went smoothly, especially for it being my first one.  I have a few things I will tweak for next year in terms of the date, time, etc. especially with other calendar items going on this time of year.

I decided to do a themed show and I think this is a great idea!  It made everything cohesive, but my theme was quite broad so I could fit a lot of things into it.  My theme this year was WILD! about ART.  This theme was fun for me to put together ideas for.

I have about 250 students that fall into K through JH and I wanted at least 2 pieces per student.  With 3-D items too, I know I had 600+ pieces although I didn't count for accuracy.  The show was held in our school gym and it was full of projects!  I have a bunch of pictures to share.  Many lesson plans I will blog about soon when the end of the year things slow down a bit.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cow Jumped Over the Moon

I saw this idea on another blog, but when I went to my handout on it I couldn't find who i got it from.  I am trying to do better with this, so I can give credit where credit is due.

This project was set for 1st grade, but I used it with 3rd grade and had equally great results.  My art show theme is WILD about ART, so we are doing all kinds of animals.  I loved this project because it referenced the Nursery Rhyme "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon" and it was just cute :)

We did a black and white weaving on 9X12 paper.  On another white paper we drew the cow's head and legs.  I used 12 X 18 purple paper for the background and we created a moon night sky with oil pastels.
I believe it took us 3 40 minute class periods, possibly 4.