Tuesday, May 17, 2011

JH Complementary Paintings

I got this idea from a JH/HS art teacher in my league at our league shows.  These pieces he did with his students stood out to me at the art shows, and my kids that went with me loved them as well.  I love this idea because it is something different, and yet it can be altered and changed to encompass a lot of variety.

My JH students created one painting of a reptile or insect and another painting of a plant/flower/leaf.  We reviewed complimentary colors and did tints and shades of those colors.  One painting would be one color with different shades of that color, the other painting would be the complementary color with different shades of that color.
After the paintings were dry, I gave students the option to add small details with black sharpie.

Then, students cut their paintings up and put them back together in an AB pattern.

Lizard and Cactus

Grasshopper and flower

Dragonfly and Leaf

Some kind of lizard and Rose

Turtle and Sideways Cactus

I like this idea because you can use any combination of paint, colored pencil, or pencil, etc. with any variety of subject matter.  I think an important factor to consider though is 2 subjects that compliment each other, and mediums that allow for contrast.

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