Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School!

It's been a rough few days transitioning from summer to long days with kids but school is back in full swing!

I have taken a few photos of my bulletin boards and door for the beginning of the year in the elementary building.

Good Behavior Bulletin Board: If the whole class is good, the rocket ship is moved to a new planet. 
At the end a recess or free day is earned.

Close up of class rocket ships :)

The outside of my door into the art room
My first "big" project for the year is a school wide display of Pinwheels for Peace on the front lawn of the school.  Pinwheels for Peace celebrates International Day of Peace on Sept. 21st.  I will have more info and pictures to post later.  Here is a bulletin board I created for it:

Close up of Pinwheel examples I created.


  1. That's fun! I let the students earn a station day last year. I set up something different at each table- play doh, free draw, group drawing on butcher paper, making book marks, making designs with these cool geometric shape tiles, etc. I set a timer and their whole table rotated to the next station. It worked pretty good because nobody did anything long enough to get bored!

  2. Maybe I've said this on your blog before - but I'm jealous you're doing Pinwheels for Peace. We did it 3 years running, sunny days each time, wonderful wonderful, but other teachers got aggravated by the interruption (I guess they didn't want a little PEACE) and I lost my support for helping assemble 300 pinwheels. So I'm very curious as to hear how you put them all together. We did great assembling with an after school group of parent volunteers, but without them, PFP was a huge time-sucker.

  3. Katie, I thought about a similar station idea for when it is cold outside. I enjoy taking the kids outside for recess because it is a change for me as well but I knew I would need an idea for cold weather.
    Phyl, I am interested to see how the Pinwheel project goes. It is a total experiment for me but my principal was so excited about the idea when I explained to him what the whole project was. I hope it goes well. I will definitely have pictures when the time comes. I don't even know the number I'm dealing with at this point...somewhere between the 250-300 range is my estimate based on my class numbers.