Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bird's Eye View Cities

My JH students did a project using one point perspective to create buildings and a city environment.  We started out practicing using one point to make basic shapes 3-Dimensional.  My students then chose shapes to use as buildings, some decided on a theme while others just did random shapes.  After they had finished the one point perspective correctly, they filled in the rest of their paper with streets, roads, trees, etc. to create their own city.  They had a lot of fun creating their own city from the ground up. 

I decided that my High School students could benefit from this project as well, so they did the same exact thing as their first project of the new semester.  I have their projects on display but have yet to take pictures so I will post those later.

Here are some of my JH student examples:


  1. Cool project, Amy! I might try it with 6th grade some day.

  2. I'm keen to try this idea with my middle school students. It seems like it would be a more inspiring 1 point perspective than I have done before. I like the way students used the tops of the building to express what is important to them. Thanks for sharing this project.