Tuesday, May 29, 2012

High School Paintings

My high school students spent about 4-5 weeks this semester working on large paintings.  They painted on 18X24 inch canvas board.  I had very few requirements for this assignment that included a grid drawing of a photograph.  The photograph had to be a photograph found on the computer of something that was real...meaning no graphic design/cartoons, etc.  As they painted, they were matching the colors in the photo, so color was a factor on their photograph search.  I approved all photos before drawing and painting began, and although these "rules" I gave above were the parameters of the assignment I allowed for some interpretation/bending of the requirements for creative purposes.

Each of the photographs my students chose to work from seemed to fit their personalities and that was cool to watch them choose and execute their idea!  Here are a few of my favorites.  I chose these not because of who did them or the subject matter, but the quality of work done by my students.  It was hard to choose just some of them because they were all very good!

Some students chose to add a gloss medium after they finished
and this affected the flash in some photographs I took.

Love the idea of this one!

This student said each bird represented each of her friends
and I believe she was the green one :)

One of my students is obsessed with golf and I have seen
a lot of golfing inspired art produced by him

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