Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HS Art Auction

I have been teaching here for 3 years and each year since I have been here during basketball season my students create art pieces for a silent art auction.  I have posted about them before, but have some great images to share again this year!

The theme for auction pieces has to do with our school or with Kansas.  This is probably the easiest fundraiser I have ever done.  The majority of the work is done in class by the students.  It just takes a little organization and advertisement by me to get the job done!  The support from parents, teachers, and community members is much appreciated.  I was a little disappointed in the turnout this year compared to years past, but we were successful in quickly making $457 for the art department!

I had 44 pieces total for sale this year, a variety of drawings, paintings, and a few clay pieces.  All of my students go into the assignment knowing that their piece will be sold.  Each student must make at least one piece.  No matter the skill level or end result, they all sell something in the auction.  I totally missed photographing the clay pieces before they were gone, but I got some not so great (in quality) photos of some of the best and my favorite pieces!

Here they are:


  1. I would love to do an art auction at my school, but they are trying to cut down on fundraisers. Any words of advice to help convince administration?

    By the way I love your sight. I completely understand the range you teach.

  2. My administration doesn't need much convincing. However, I'd just talk about the importance of having something for the art students. All of the sports kids get recognized a lot at games and competitions. There isn't a lot that helps the art students get recognized. This project has always given my students a boost!

    I have used the money for things that my regular budget doesn't allow. I've purchased an iPad, and am saving for a new throwing wheel. When bigger things such as these and printing presses, etc. are needed the money isn't always there because it is being spent on paint and paper, etc.

    Hope this helps some! Thanks for following!