Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas "Palm" Trees

I got this lesson idea from the KAEA conference I attended in October.  I was debating whether to do it or not, but decided I could handle a huge mess for just one class.  My Kindergarten got to use paint and glitter…oh what fun! 

We started out by putting our hands in green to make our tree.  We added a brown square for the base, white for snow, and different colors for ornaments.  I precut stars for all of my students and at the end, we glued them on and added glitter.  How awesome was that! 

After I got over the fact that we would create a large, crazy mess, we had so much fun!  While following my step by step instructions on which colors to do when, students discovered they could mix the colors.  What an awesome thing this was!  Except that the colors we used created some yucky colors, but they didn’t care.  Most of the color mixing was on the paint trays, but some did it on the paper.  At that point I didn’t even try to stop it because they didn’t care.  They just enjoyed the experience.

Here are some results:

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