Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tint and Shade Animal Paintings

My high school kids ventured into the painting world.  Many loved it, some hated it, but most results turned out pretty well.  Since this is my first year, I am still testing to see what kinds of skills my students have.  I have noticed that my older students lack some basic skills.  I wanted to take it back a little and do basic painting ideas using color mixing and value. 

I had each student choose an animal.  I had many old Zoobooks magazines, a variety of old clip art, and we did some searching on the internet for a few specific animals I didn't have.  I had the students sketch it out on scratch paper, filling the space.  We transferred the animal twice using light boxes.  On the first painting, students chose 1 color plus white.  On the second painting, 1 color plus black. 

Many students said they  never wanted to paint again.  Well of course we will!  :)
Next semester I want to try a color matching painting where students choose a color photo and they match the colors as close as possible.  I think those results will be interesting!

The tint and shade painting results surprised me.  I had these hung up in the commons area and received many compliments on them.  It was really something for the students to be proud of.  I wish I had take a picture of them all together because it looked pretty cool to see them all on the same wall.


  1. I like this idea. I will put it in my ideas for next year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Being from Buffalo... I am completely bias towards Bison... Your student artwork immediately caught my eye! Great project!

    I, too, recently entered the blogging world and can relate. Check out my site, I'd love some feedback!