Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bug is a Naughty Word

I like to do cross-curricular lessons, using ideas from other subjects in my classroom.  Since I'm in my first year and new to my buildings, I haven't had a ton of feedback for ideas.  At the beginning of the year though, I did learn from one of the 4th grade teachers that they do a large unit in science on insects.  The students collect insects and they pin them and everything.  The kids couldn't stop talking about it.  I decided to incorporate this into my room for a fun project.

My students drew insects with pencil, traced with permanent marker, and then added color with watercolor paint.  My only requirement was that the insects had all 3 parts and we reviewed those together.  The students could definitely tell me more about insects than I knew.  Some of them drew actual insects they had collected or had studied while others found it fun to make up their own.

Little did I know that with my first 4th grade class when presenting the idea, I said the word bugs.  Oh boy did I get an overwhelming roar of "OHHH Miss Losey said the B-word..."  I just had to laugh out loud with all of my students.  Then I swore them to secrecy that they wouldn't tell their teacher I said the B-word.  I knew they would tell him anyway, and of course they did.  I was very cautious the next day when I had my other 4th grade class and avoided the B-word :)

The students loved this project and although I got a lot of cool, creative insects, here are a few of my favorites.

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