Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunflowers Galore!

Another project to celebrate Kansas' 150th Birthday, I had each grade K-6 do a different project with the sunflower as an overall theme.  Kindergarten did a symmetrical vase with cut petals and circles.  1st grade did a "collage" of tissue paper sunflowers with brown paper circle centers.  2nd grade did a HUGE sunflower by weaving green and brown paper for the center and adding giant yellow petals, a huge stem and leaves.  I was grateful that my 2nd grade has the fewest number of students because the weaving was tricky for them as well as cutting it into a circle and keeping it all together.  I will probably use the weaving project again but 2nd grade might just be too soon.  Overall they look great though.

3rd grade did styrofoam prints and had a blast!  4th grade did a radial design by folding and tracing at the windows in my room. 

I had an idea for my 5th grade but at the last minute decided not to do it, so instead I gave them large 12X18 paper and told them to fill the space and we would color with watercolor paint.  I got some great results for this open-ended project.  My 6th graders did a pastel sunflower inspired by the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.  They had fun getting messy and blending the colors.

Overall I enjoyed using this as a theme and have hung all sunflower projects in the halls for everyone to see.  IMPRESSIVE!  Or at least that is what everyone is telling me.

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