Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tips for Putting on a Show?!

Any takers on tips/tricks to smoothly put together an art show for school?!?!

My Elementary Art Show is a little under 2 weeks away and I am starting to stress.  Projects currently being worked on may not be done in time, time is slipping away, and I have no free time!

I am trying to go with the flow, but I am pretty particular about how things need/should be done, so I am starting to worry.
I need help!  Any ideas for a smooth show would be much appreciated!


  1. Recruit! Parent LOVE to help with this kind of thing. Also, if you let the teachers know that you are stressed about getting it done, they will most likely try and find time to help out. Extra art classes, or bringing the projects to their classroom. Recess is also an option if someone it really behind. If you stress to the kids how important it is that they focus and finish, but they don't~ let it go. You can only do so much, they have to care too! Good Luck!

  2. Amy, I'll put something on our KAEA Facebook page and see if anybody has more tips for you!