Sunday, April 10, 2011

League Art Show

This past Wednesday, I took 6 of my students and work from many other students to our league art show.  As my first league art show, it was a good learning experience.  There were 8 schools there with each school bringing a maximum of 25 pieces which makes about 400 pieces of work!
There were 50 medals awarded and 5 honorable mentions given.  One of my students received an honorable mention.
I was a little disappointed in our results, but we were up against some awesome stuff.  This being my first year, and this being my schools first year in a new league I feel like we were already up against a few challenges.  The results from the show, although disappointing, just left me proud of my own students and how far they have come since August. 

Here are a few things my kids and I were inspired by.


And here are my students with some of their work.

  Here are 4 pieces from my students.

   Tonya won honorable mention with her painting titled "Love Birds"

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