Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mural Project Experiment

I was asked by my HS principal to do a test run experiment of painting a mural on the brick building.  The whole idea of his was to do a test run to see if as a school we could do a class competition mural project during homecoming week which is coming up soon.  I was unsure about all of this, especially with the timing of the 2nd full week of school...I hardly know some of my kids at this point!  But I agreed to do it anyway, more because I felt I should.  And now I know that with this particular principal, sometimes you just have to say NO!
Overall the end result isn't terrible but the process along the way made me want to pull out my hair!  The kids weren't thrilled with the idea to begin with especially because we were doing general "school spirit" murals.  Plus, it has been over 100 degrees every day we have been outside!  And on top of that, the sprinklers have been coming on washing off/fading/making the paint run!  It was also frustrating because there wasn't enough space in the 6 foot murals for all of my students to work at the same time.

We used mixed powder tempra because my principal wanted it to be able to wash off eventually.  Little did I realize it would come off basically right away because of the silly sprinklers!
I also used technology enlarging the drawn images on my smart board.  And then creating a large grid.  Most of my students knew how to do the grid at this point, but it was new to some of them.

I'm not sure how I feel about the results...I think they look cool but could be much better with more time and more cooperation from my students.  However, under the circumstances we dealt with we were ready to move on and move back into the classroom!

6th hour Mural

8th hour Mural - Let's Go Buffs!

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