Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween and Day of the Dead

I already posted about the bat masks I made with my 1st graders.  I also made spider hats with my Kindergarten which is a great lesson that involves counting, use of line, and the accordion fold which is great for using/improving motor skills.  Here are my classes:

My Around the World theme lead me to incorporate the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, into my Halloween-ish projects. 
My 3rd graders did a drawing of a skull and colored/decorated them with oil pastels to make them look like Mexican sugar skulls.

My 5th graders did a drawing of "The Skeleton's Party".  This was quite the challenge to draw skeletons as people, but I think my 5th graders did a pretty good job!  I had a pictures of a skeletons for them to look at, but didn't tell them how to do anything.  I wanted them to figure it out on their own.  I did allow them to put clothes on their skeletons if they chose to.  Some of them were really fun!

And to finish off, my JH students made pinatas!  We used balloons for our form and added a few layers of paper mache and finished it off by decorating with tissue paper.  I had them hanging in the hallway and they looked pretty neat.  I forgot to photograph them as they were hanging so I quickly took a few shots before I sent them home.

I enjoyed incorporating the Mexican Day of the Dead into Halloween and celebrating the fall :)

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