Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas/Holiday Happenings

So the countdown is on...2 more days until Christmas break!!!  That is if we don't get hit by this freak "blizzard" that's on its way.  Supposedly we are due for 6-10 inches by tomorrow night.  It has yet to snow; however it has rained heavily all day which we need.  Here in Kansas, I've learned to not really believe the forecast until I can see it with my own eyes.  Everyone is excited/predicting a snow day tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath quite yet...we shall see!

Anyhow back to being productive in school...

I've thrown in some random holiday inspired projects and have a few photos to share:

My examples for ornaments that my 4th graders made
My example for 2 point perspective boxes/presents done by JH

Kindergarten Christmas "Palm" Trees - used their hands to create the tree/branches
and fingerprint ornaments - so much fun!

3rd grade - Fingerprint Christmas Lights - I saw this idea on Pinterest

My HS students had a few days to spare before semester finals, so I thought making clay ornaments would be fun!
The above photo is mine I made for a friend, below are just a few of the ones my students made.  We didn't
have time to glaze and fire again, so we painted them with acrylic.  They had so much fun making them!

My 4th graders did a group mural project that just went up in the hallway today and will stay until mid-January.
I love doing these and have never done it with a younger group of students but they had a blast!  It takes a little
prep work but the end result is always pretty cool!
There is an element of mystery/surprise for the students because I disclose a lot of information
as they color the squares and an added bonus of group/teamwork to put the "puzzle" together. 
Below are some closer detailed photos.

I also did penguin projects with Kindergarten, snowman snow globes and Christmas trees with 1st grade, and polar bears with 2nd grade.  I enjoy doing Holiday and Seasonal projects within the classroom.  The kids always seem to enjoy them!

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