Monday, December 5, 2011

HS Observation Drawings

Several weeks ago I was gone for 2 days to go home for my sister's wedding.  I've struggled with sub plans when I've been gone, so knowing in advance I would be away for 2 days in a row I tried to come up with something I knew would be successful!  And it worked!  Plus the sub I got is AMAZING with the kids!

One day of the days I was gone I had an observational drawing rotation set up and ready to go.  Basically all my sub had to do was to divide my students into groups and keep time.  I had directions written out for her but also for my students on a handout because they are used to my format and what I am looking for.  Plus they are in high school, so they can read and understand, right?...well most of the time ;)

I had 3 tables set up with different fruits/veggies.  The first 10 minutes, no matter where students were sitting, they drew in pencil focusing on contour lines/shapes.  The second 10 minute group students used charcoal focusing on line/shape and now considering value.  The third 10 minute group students used oil pastels to add in color while still focusing on line/shape.  Students had the rest of the class period which was probably about 5-7 minutes to go back and finish anything they needed.

I think forcing students to break items down into lines and shapes helps make them successful.  In some cases, limiting the time also helps so they aren't so focused on the drawing as a whole. 
I was very pleased with the outcome of these drawings, especially for only having 10 minutes to complete them.  Here are some results:

Red and Green Bell Peppers

Red onion and leftover "mini pumpkin" gourds I had left from Halloween projects at the elementary school.
Funny how all of my drawings submitted that had color had red onions that were red, not purple...didn't think they would choose red because I thought purple would be closer in color, but I guess they are technically called red onions :)

Lemon and Lime - I didn't take any photos of them in color for some reason
While in the produce section of the grocery store I considered color combos, creating a variety of shapes, textures, etc.  I think all students can easily identify with time I might consider things like a pie slice, doughnuts, cookies, etc.  I think that would be a fun idea!  Overall I thought this sub lesson was a great success!

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  1. Amy, those look great! Sometimes I wish I taught K-12... I miss doing high school lessons sometimes!