Thursday, February 2, 2012

School Projects

To say that January was a busy month for me is quite the understatement.  My to-do list kept growing and the things on my list were not small tasks by any means.
Here are a few photos of the work that I've been doing lately for school in my "free time".

 I somehow got asked/volunteered to paint some backdrops for the JH musical "Tom Sawyer" that is happening this coming Monday.  I spent a few long days on a couple weekends and a few long evenings after school to get these 3 scenes done in time.  Although in the photos they don't look very big, with both panels together for 1 scene, they are about 10 feet wide and I guess about 12 feet tall. 

Chapel scene

Yard/Picket fence scene

Graveyard Scene - I couldn't photo it without getting shine for some reason

Our high school gym is foreseeing some updates this year.  Most of them are pretty minor and cosmetic.  I was recruited to repaint on 2 walls.  The request was to paint a bigger, more "manly" buffalo to replace the quite girly, lavender-ish one that had been around for quite some time.  I also repainted the letters, making them bigger and easier to read that the very scripted font from before.  One wall is done and the other will be within a week or so, and will be very similar to this with the same buffalo but different words.

My high school students are doing a silent auction again this year.  We are doing a similar theme as last year, as a Kansas/country/hometown inspiration.  Here is a painting I did for it.  I'm not too happy with it mostly because of running out of time.  I always enjoy sitting down and working while my students do too but it is hard to finish a piece when my job is to help them too.  I'm always up and around answering questions and checking to see what their work is looking like and I rarely am able to finish.  But I was determined to do it.  I wish I had done this in oil paint because it would have been much easier but I haven't taught oil paint to my students so I thought it would be slightly unfair.  I love acrylic, so I made it work but with my time troubles and color mixing oil paint would have been much better.  I will have student auction pieces to post on later and will give updates on how our auction goes too!

Our school colors are purple and gray, so I decided to use those colors

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