Thursday, March 24, 2011

3rd Grade Aquariums & Fish Prints

3rd grade ventured into the world of a fish in a fish tank.  We started with blue paper and oil pastels "decorating" their fish tank with things like rocks, plants, and even castles.  Everything except the fish was done with oil pastels.  We then used styrofoam to create a fish stamp.  My 3rd graders had previously done styrofoam prints with printing ink so they were familiar with the process.  We flattened the edges of the styrofoam with the side of a pencil, so that when printed all that would show up would be the fish.  Instead of using printing ink, I had them use acrylic paints so they could have more variety in color.  Some students also made the fins different colors.  We added on the paint using small paint brushes and just painting it on.  It worked pretty well and the results are all different and very interesting.  I love the bright colors and the cheery feel of an underwater fish world.

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