Thursday, November 4, 2010

6th Grade Portrait Silhouettes

I wanted to try something simple, yet personal to see what skills my 6th graders have.  By having K-12, I can see what skills my older kids lack that I need to make sure my lower grades are exposed to them.
My 6th graders paired up and did their silhouettes using my projector on the wall.  This was a fun, yet slightly difficult task for some of them.  They had trouble standing still so some lines were pretty wiggly.  We fixed those and I helped some of them do the outlines quicker than they were able to do.
After that we created a 2-inch grided square pattern on the silhouette part only.  We then created 5 2-inch squares as a template for practicing our designs.  I gave students free reign for the designs as long as they had 5 different ones.  They then transferred their designs onto the portrait making sure that no 2 boxes next to each other had the same design.  I had them use colored pencils and stuck to a monochromatic color scheme.  The grid and monochromatic color scheme were 2 new things we covered.  This project took many weeks since I only have them for 40 minutes 1 day a week. Although they turned out great, I could tell that towards the end they were done with it and ready to move on.
I hung these up in the hallway this week.  I intentionally had the students put their names on the back so that we could have a "6th Grade Guess Who" to see if the students and teachers could pick out who was who.  I thought it would be fun since the school is small and everybody knows everybody.  It's funny how some of them are easy to pick out.  I've had some good comments on them and they've only been up for 2 days.

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