Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kindergarten Celebrates Fall

My Kindergarten classes have been doing many small projects to celebrate fall using basic cutting, gluing, and drawing skills.  I think they have enjoyed these a lot! 

We made grass by cutting fringe on green paper and then added white clouds with crayon.  We also used brown, yellow, red, and orange to make leaves.  The leaves were a struggle for some to make them look "real"  but they did a good job!

We made an acorn using brown paper and with red and orange paper we traced our hands to make leaves.  Tracing and cutting out hands...what a challenge it was!  Many fingers were cut off, but it was ok!

My K kids had their first adventure with paint this year.  We first did a step by step drawing of a scarecrow with crayons.  They had a little trouble getting over the fact that we could not erase!  Then we got to painting.  I put out only warm colors of watercolor for a crayon resist.  They LOVED it!  And for their first time painting this year they did pretty good.

We also did turkeys to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Rather than doing a silly "hand" turkey, we did real turkeys.  We talked about the difference between domestic and wild turkeys, their coloring, etc.

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