Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Worried Relief...

So as we are entering the 2nd week of November, I am just now doing this journaling/blogging thing that I've been wanting to do all along.  Only by wise advice of a great mentor in my HS building did I finally sit down and just do it! 
My main reason for being so delayed in this journaling project is the reality that I have NO time!  I mean who does, really?  But seriously, my schedule as a first year teacher is insane!  Like I said previously, I have 18 classes and 250+ students a week.  That allows me for a 15 minute break in the morning (time when I usually go to the bathroom and check my e-mail) before my next class comes in.  I have a 40 minute break to eat my lunch and switch buildings before I start my afternoon with 3 hours straight of students.  I don't know how I've managed to get everything done, but somehow it does.  I use every minute of every day to be productive whether that is cleaning up or preparing for the next day.  Many days I've left to head home exhausted! 
My concerns, although at first I was hesitant to voice them as a new teacher, well they were noticed.  I said something to my mentor teacher once and shortly after that the news traveled to my principals and superintendent.  I was not expecting that but it was a pleasant happening.  There have been conversations with my elementary principal through my formal evaluation and just in general about changing things to make things easier for me.  This has made me feel good, knowing that they are willing to work with me.
At first I just accepted the reality that my schedule would be the same until next year, but things may change sooner than I thought!  2 ideas for possible schedule changes in January occurred on the same day.  One idea...cut my Kindergarten classes.  The other idea...see if my 3 students in 5th hour at the HS can change to a different hour.  The reality is I don't want to cut or change anything but honestly I know I can't do it all!  It is just too much!
If I had my choice, I'd use my 5th hour as a plan every day for next semester, knowing that I wouldn't have Kindergarten next year.  Cutting Kindergarten halfway through the year just seems strange, especially knowing that I'll have all of those students in the 1st grade next year.  I am just waiting to see what decisions are going to be made.  I am just happy that some relief that has caused me a tremendous amount of stress will soon be solved...hopefully.

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