Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wire Woes

I have found that students of all ages always show more excitement for 3D projects.  I'm not sure why, but one of my goals is to find more 3D projects using a variety of mediums for all grades.  I'm more of a 2D girl, excluding my love of clay.  The 3D realm is something I want to explore more when I get time.

The first 3D project I did with my HS kids this year gave me many headaches.  Many students were frustrated because it was HARD!  It really wasn't that hard.  Challenging yes, but still do-able.  I wouldn't ask my students to try something I knew they couldn't do. 

Their assignment was to create a wire insect using volume.  I had only a handful of GREAT insects  in the end.  Many students just flat out gave up and handed in poor projects knowing they didn't do so hot.  I'm still wondering if it is something I want to pursue again in the future or not.  Perhaps a different approach to make it "easier" for them can be found.  We shall see.

                                            Here are some photos of the best ones.

This one is huge and my student used extremely tough wire!  I kept the chair in the picture to show the actual scale. I was very impressed!


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  1. I would try the project again in the future. Shouldn't be too hard for high school so hopefully once they've had the benefit of you as a teacher for a year or so, it will go over more smoothly!